At Dollar Deal Wholesale Inc. we are committed to providing our customers with all  their collection needs, from rare US coins and currency to the most cost effective collectors’ supplies.

Dollar Deal Wholesale
was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in New York, NY USA. For over 15 years, Dollar Deal Wholesale Inc. has been collecting and gathering rare US and world coins & currency. Within our facility we carry thousands of dollars in inventory to ensure that the coins/currency or supplies you order are available when you need them.

Dollar Deal Wholesale
is your full service Coin/Currency & collectors supplies provider. We feature a great selection of all rare coins and currencies including many various dates and conditions to satisfy the young and old collector, at the lowest prices. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible shopping experience on the internet for all of your hobby and hobby supply needs.

We are well known throughout the United States and Canada for our sterling reputation. A good part of our customers have been with us for many years. We have been commended for our courteous, friendly service and lowest prices.

Dollar Deal Wholesale
serves over 25,000 customers around the world. At Dollar Deal Wholesale, we pride ourselves on our service. Whether you are just around the corner, or half way around the world, Dollar Deal Wholesale is committed to providing you with all rare US and world coins and currency, highest quality service, and most cost effective collectors supplies available anywhere.

If you are thinking of starting a collection, or if you want to enhance your historical coin/currency collection please give us a try.

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