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Grading Guide

Currency Grading Guide!

The condition of a note plays an important part in determining its collectible value. the value of most currency will increase according to the condition of the note.

to have an idea of how to determine the quality of a note please see this grading guide.


A note that has not been released into circulation and is in the same condition as it was first produced. The note must be absolutely original, with bold embossing and bright colors. Any flaw that is readily evident, such as a noticeable counting crinkle or slightly imperfect centering, will prevent a note from receiving a Gem CU grade. Notes in this and any Uncirculated grade will, of course, have absolutely no folds or bends. 


An AU note will have one or more light folds that are not heavy in nature or obtrusive to the overall appearance., some minor corner folds, a light (not hard) crease, a slight finger smudge or some pinholes. Paper is still crisp and bright and has original sheen.


A note in this grade will be bright, fresh, crisp, and attractive, but a few light folds or bends may be present. The overall eye appeal will be above average, and only the slightest soiling may be visible. A note in this grade might have a few light folds or several very minor bends,


Still an attractive note, but with more pronounced wear from handling, though some crispness remains. May have several vertical and horizontal folds as well as slight dirt or smudging visible. No tears on the edges, though the corners aren’t as sharp as Uncirculated.


A note in this grade will resemble most notes that have spent considerable time in circulation. The piece will have lost some of its crispness, but the paper will still be solid. (A limp note without any crispness will classify at a lower level.) The corners may be slightly frayed or rounded, and the edges may also be frayed. Pinholes may be readily apparent, but none should be large or obtrusive.


An obviously well-circulated bank note with much creasing, folding and wrinkling noticeable. Note may be dirty, and corners may show much wear and rounding, and some tears may be present, though no pieces of the note should be missing.


A note in this grade will be heavily worn, soiled, torn, taped, holed, or missing small pieces from the design. It will still be roughly intact, and readily distinguishable by series and design type. Damage or wear may be rather severe, but any note that is missing large portions of the design or is barely attributable may fall into an even lower grade classification, such as Fair or Poor. 

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